Frequently Asked Questions

Do your pickles need to stay cold?

The pickles should be kept cold, so we ship them in insulated packaging with cold packs.

How much is shipping?

We like to keep things simple.  So, we have a flat handling and shipping rate of $20.  This fee covers the cost of the cold packs, insulated containers, and shipping.

Do you share your recipes?

We do not share our recipes.  They are family secrets that we cherish dearly.  If you have a specific allergy concern, please reach out to us at christian@carolinapickle.com, and we will let you know if the ingredient of concern is in any of our products.

Why are your pickles more expensive than other pickles that I see in the grocery store? 

Our pickles are more expensive because they are prepared and packed by hand.  We use some basic machinery to make work easier for our employees, however, the cucumbers that we use are graded and prepared and packed into jars by hand.  Since we employ people and not machines, our pickles are slightly more expensive than some other pickles that you might see on store shelves.

What does cold packed mean?

We love our pickles!  So why would we ever want to do a thing like expose them to heat?!  We just think that heat has no place in the life of our pickles.

Are your pickles homemade?

No, they are not.  We have a commercial facility, where we produce our pickles, jams, and jellies, sitting on our farm that is inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.  Our products are small-batch but not homemade.

Do your products contain any artificial colors or preservatives? 

No, we don't believe in the use of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or corn syrup.  We make a specialty jelly in the fall and winter,  Candied Apple jelly, that contains a cinnamon-flavored candy that has artificial color and flavor.  However, that is a novelty jelly that we make to celebrate fall fairs and festivals, and we fully disclose the ingredients on the label.